Lifeng's new factory

Henan Lifeng Machinery are going to have a new factory this year. This new project have started to build last month. 

The total area of the project is 20,000 Square Meters and the total investment is 90 million yuan. It is divided into two phases. The project includs the production workshop, the storage room, the research and development workshop, the product display hall, the distribution facilities and the staff's dormitory quarters and office buildings. 20,000 square meters, plans to put into use in mid-2017. After the completion of the project put into operation with an annual output of medium and small fireplace equipment 30000 / sets, the annual output value of about 40 million yuan, the annual profit and tax of about 400 million.

The construction project will be all finished in 6 months. There will be 3 new workshop, covers more than 10,000 Square meters. And 2 buildings, one is staff "s dormitory  and the other one is office building. 

You will see a Garden factory in this November. One third of the Groud will be cover by flowers and trees. 

Welcome to visit our new factory in your convenience.