What security risks should pay attention in the burning wood fireplace use process?

Wood Burning Fireplaces, simply speaking, are a kind of fireplace heated by wood or other media. With the development of the times, the function of the fireplace is not only heating, but also up to the decoration, beautification function. Modern fireplace design will also match with the interior design. It's a bright spot in interior decoration. Wood burning fireplace is a kind of combustible material fireplace, since it is flammable, in the process of use should pay attention to some problems. So, What security risks should pay attention in the burning wood fireplace use process?

1, We must pay attention to indoor ventilation during use, wood burning fireplace and electric fireplace, with combustible clear, although the fireplace has gas cycle, but in the use of the process also must pay attention to ventilation, to avoid poisoning. And do not burn toxic substances when using combustion medium.

2, Don't let the smoldering fireplace, if the fireplace is of no use, should be completely extinguished, if you want less in the process of using the heat of the combustion medium you can use less, a small fire is good. If smouldering wood medium is not fully burning, very likely, fires and other disasters.

3, In the installation of wood burning fireplace, should pay attention to its location, as far as possible placed in the child or the old can not reach the place, including indoor ventilation, reasonable wind direction, etc.. This prevents scalding and keeps the air in the room fully circulated.

4. Don't burn sawdust, wood shavings and so on for a long time. It is easy to make the fireplace burn excessively and damage the fireplace. Affect the life of the fireplace use, fireplace also reasonable maintenance, can make it use longer.

The above four is the small note for everyone to explain the burning wood fireplace in the process of attention, I believe you have read a general understanding. Fireplace is a part of our life, in the use of the process should pay special attention to these problems, so as to avoid irreparable loss. Finally, if you want to know more about other information, you are welcome to call us!