What Boiler suits Home installation

Household boiler is very suitable for home installation, usually, the wall-mounted gas-fired boiler is basically suitable for any location in the indoor, as long as the flue can be directly to the outdoors. It is mainly used for home heating, family bath and family hot water. For example: floor boiler in accordance with more than more than 140 square meters calculation, daily heating costs about 50 yuan, generally suitable for the building area of large house heating, now use household boiler users are generally used in home heating and living hot water Two aspects, recommended users use gas fuel, because the gas energy-saving environmental protection, high thermal efficiency, heating speed is usually faster, heating effect than the air-conditioning better. There are 3 types of fuel for household boilers: fuel, gas, and coal. The distinction between them:

1: Gas and fuel compared to: from the cost of consideration, the cost of gas is low, about 2 yuan per cubic meters, and the cost of fuel boiler is high, the national oil price per litre of 7.7 yuan average or so. From the home Boiler network management, the origin of the gas network is sufficient, and the use of fuel, it takes a period of time to add fuel to the tank. It also has to consider the convenience of obtaining fuel sources.

2: Gas and coal compared to: from environmental considerations, household gas-fired boiler emissions of small pollution, coal-fired boiler for a long time use will cause waste, exhaust, waste water pollution. From the regional energy considerations, coal-rich resources in the region, the price of fuel is generally low, more popular with users, but the lack of coal resources in the region, and the pursuit of environmentally-friendly high-quality life, the general use of gas-based fuel. Through the above comparison, it is recommended that the use of household gas boilers more environmentally friendly energy saving.