The importance of the setting of Windows to the wood-fired stove

Check if the throttle is open before using the stove. A damper is a device used to control the air flowing through the flue. The flue is a channel or conduit for flue gas emission from the chimney. The damper is usually controlled by the joystick, One Direction is open, the opposite direction is closed. Before igniting the stove, make sure the throttle is open, otherwise the smoke will be flowing into the room. At the same time, opening the throttle when ignition is easier. Confirm that the throttle is open, and the first step to ignite the stove is ready.

If the airflow is still unfavorable after igniting the stove, smoke enters the room inside, you can try to open the window a few centimeters. If the window is positioned on the wall opposite the fireplace, the effect will be better. But if someone is in a position between the stove and the window, there may be a cool breeze, because the stove will suck the air, and the cold air is blowing out the window. It's better to leave the area. Another situation is that the chimney is not high enough, so this is the only way to make the fireplace work correctly, and the rest will be warmer, but the airflow pathways will be colder.

Ready to go out. The firewood is extinguished half an hour before going out, with a stove hook that will still burn the firewood in the hearth, and the smaller the firewood, the more easily the fire. Confirm that the fire has been extinguished. Close the throttle, so the indoor temperature will stay long.