The importance of clean cast-iron fireplace

Now, in people's home decoration decoration often with the home fireplace, there is a fireplace is worth a happy thing. The fireplace provides warmth and comfort to people and is considered an important appliance in the family. In order to maintain the normal use and service life of the fireplace, it is necessary to remember the cleaning and maintenance essentials of the fireplace.

The fireplace requires regular care and cleanup to ensure safe cost savings. Accumulation of tar in chimneys and flue gas, tar-like combustible substances to be cleared by professionals to avoid the occurrence of fires. In the wood-burning season, the fireplace and its fittings must be cleaned periodically, eliminating the accumulation of slag, soot, coke, etc.

In order to maintain the high efficiency of the fireplace, it should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Inspect each year to see if there is any damage to the chimney, there is no accumulation or flammable material. Keep clean and tidy around chimneys and fireplaces. Must check whether there are obstructions in the flue, such as the Bird's Nest, hanging on the branches of the above will be cut off. In general, the fireplace must be cleaned when necessary, and must be inspected for adequate protective plates and tubes, and the chimney state must be good. Similarly, the fireplace must be kept clean and comfortable to use, which is also important for visiting guests.