Some essentials for cleaning and maintaining a cast-iron fireplace

• Keep Brass luster. Brass handles and doors or metal objects around the fireplace can be kept neat and polished by wiping.

• Keep the doors open. Avoid persistent burning for more than 5 hours.

• To avoid the Ashes jumping onto the carpet, close the fireplace door. Put a non-flammable blanket in front of the fireplace. This is to prevent Mars from igniting carpets or wooden floors.

• Don't let the fire burn, especially when there is only a child.

• Use chimney cover to avoid animal nests, rainwater or debris entry, and avoid blocking chimneys.

• Clean the hearth once a week, helping coal to heat faster and keep the heat more durable. The bottom of the ash is a inches, as the insulating layer. Before the ashes from the hearth, open the throttle to avoid the ash coming. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the Ashes.

• Clean brick-masonry fireplace with special cleaners. Use lemon oil to clean the surface of the perimeter plate every two months. Clean the burner with soft bristle brush, one months one times. After combustion avoids direct cleaning, periodically clears excess ash and unburned wood. In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance of the fireplace is wise.