Principle of use of cast iron boilers

The widespread use of cast iron boilers, and praised by the market, understand the use of cast iron boiler principle, better grasp the use of methods, so that warmth accompanied with time to digest.

Cast iron boilers, including pot and furnace two parts, the original meaning of the pot is heated in the fire of water containers, furnace refers to burning fuel. The hot water or steam produced in the cast iron boiler can provide the necessary heat energy directly for production and life, and can be converted to mechanical energy through steam power plant, or the mechanical energy can be converted to electric energy by generator. The boiler that provides hot water is called the hot water cast iron boiler, which is mainly used in life, and has a few applications in industrial production. The steam boiler is called the steam boiler, also called the steam generator, is often referred to as the boiler, is the steam power plant important constituent, is used for the thermal power station, the ships, the locomotive and the industrial and mining enterprises. The safety problem is very important for cast iron boilers to withstand high temperature and high pressure. Even small boilers, once exploded, are also serious. Therefore, the material selection, design calculation, manufacture and inspection of boilers are strictly regulated.

The cast iron boiler non-ferrous steel, corrosion-resistant, long life, get a broad love, understand his principle can be better used.