Precautions For Installation Of Real Fire Fireplace

1. Do not use flammable liquids, such as gasoline to ignite the fireplace;

2. Do not place wood, clothing, furniture, paper and other combustible materials in the proximity of the fireplace;

3. Installation of fireplace and chimney should be set aside enough safe distance

4. Don't burn wet wood.

5. Do not burn garbage and other things, will pollute the environment, and harmful to the body.

6. Not to burn too violently

7. Use the fireplace process, please keep the door of the fireplace shut down state (except when adding timber)

8. Vertical height of the chimney ≥ 4 meters

9. Please place the fireplace on the base (ground table) made of non-combustible material, such as stone.

10. The fireplace glass is broken when not available.

11. Please do not let the children close to the burning fireplace, because at this time the glass and furnace temperature is very high.