Precautions for ignition of wood-fired furnaces

1. First place the ignition material below the bottom grate, stack firewood above the grate

2. The ignition material is used to ignite the materials, usually easily ignited substances, sometimes people use newspapers, branches and so on as the kindling. The ideal is some of the specialized ignition, such as the Owens Fireplace special fire. When the ignition is ignited, it should be able to burn to ignite the firewood stacked above.

3. Don't use too much newspaper because it generates a lot of cigarettes.

4. Note that the firewood should be flattened, leaving enough space for air to flow at the stack.

5. Layered overlapping stacked pyramid shape will have a better effect

6. Placing small pieces of wood around larger chunks of firewood, the largest firewood cannot be thicker than the upper arm of the average person. Smaller firewood is easier to ignite and can form a better layer of ash.

7. The firewood is stacked up to 2/3 positions in the interior space height of the fireplace.