Is it safe to use a fireplace? Will it cause indoor hypoxia?

Many customers will ask a security question, our family has children, how to prevent the occurrence of danger?

In fact, the design of our fireplace is also taken into account, for children, we can use a special fireplace network to prevent the occurrence of dangerous; for people who operate a fireplace, we can also use protective measures such as insulation gloves, fireplace special tools. This will not cause burns by careless use. At the same time, we will also provide the use of fireplace tips, really let your home fireplace to achieve the best results.

Will the fireplace burn a lot of oxygen in the room, causing hypoxia?

The design of a reasonable fireplace combustion requires very little oxygen, and our indoor is not absolutely vacuum state, doors and windows can be ventilated, so, no damage to hypoxia. The chimney of the fireplace leads outdoors to indoor air convection, as if it is fitted with a free-power ventilator. In the summer, this fireplace is a lungs that can "renewal". Make sure the air is clean.

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