How to Choose a Stove, Steel or Cast Iron?

Choose a steel or cast iron model is depending on the personal preference and using environment. 

There are some difference between the cast iron material and steel material.

1. Appearance/ Style: 
Cast iron: the cast iron is made from molten metal. When making the mould, we can design feature decorative details to make the stove appealing. As a traditional style. 
 Steel: no decoration line on the plate. The lines are simple, clean and smooth. It is fit for contemporary homes.

2. Heating process:

Cast iron: warm slowly but cool down slowly too. I prefer this. Cause cast iron stove retains the heat much longer
Steel: warm rapidly and cool down rapidly. Right now, many steel stoves are fixed the vermiculite plate inside to keep the warm and avoid over burn and get longer life.

3. Life:

Cast iron: it is stronger compared the steel. And the inside plates are made of cast iron usually.
Steel: recent years, the quality of steel material is improving and manufacturer uses the thicker steel plate to make the body to make the stove life longer. Meanwhile, there are vermiculate plate inside to protect the steel body.

4. Production:

Cast iron: inquiry a mould first. So the investment on mould is necessary. And most of workings are hand making. 
Steel: easy to start, short production time, semi automatic on cutting the material and bending.

Recent years, the selling of steel stove with cast iron parts (door, grate, baffle, legs etc) looks popular. It takes both of the advantage. The door, grate, baffle are made of cast iron and the around inside plates are vermiculite. It is an ideal choice as modern design.

Right now, do you know how to choose a stove for your home?