Difference Between A Real Fire Fireplace And An Electric Fireplace Simulating Fire

1. The difference of ornamental: true fire fireplace is the real flame, full of dynamic, rotating, changing, is a three-dimensional perception; simulation of thermal power fireplace is by the reflection of the light generated two-dimensional planar flame, with simulation fo tan, the effect is lifelike but not the real flame.

2. Temperature difference: The heat source of the real fire fireplace is the heat generated by the flame when the fuel burns, and the heat source of the simulation fireplace is the lower or upper fan generated heat, this is a big difference, the power of wood-burning fire fireplace is generally around 6kw-25kw, gas real fire fireplace power in 6kw-15kw around, simulation electric fireplace power generally around 0.75kw-1.5kw. The resulting heating area is also very different, true fire fireplace can be heating 50-160 square or so, simulated thermal power fireplace basically in 15 square leftRight。

3. The distinction between installation and operation: Wood-burning fire-fireplace need independent flue gas to be conducive to smoke emission, wood burning fire fireplace wood fuel added, ignition, ash cleaning needs to be handled manually, but the fire-wood real flame fireplace with its beauty, authenticity and higher calorific value, favored by European and American users; gas-fired true fire-fireplace also requires independent flue and gas supply, the use of simulated wood and simulated pebbles, the combustion effect and real fire fireplace almost exactly the same, Gas-fired real fire fireplace eliminates the need to add wood and clean waste, ignition using the power switch automatic pulse ignition.