Characteristics Of Cast Iron Fireplace

Have you ever thought that the wind, the window, the snow fluttering, and in the house, the family sat in front of the fireplace, with a fireplace to warm, life enjoyable. This kind of scene, everybody should not be unfamiliar. In European and American novels, fireplaces often become a symbol of the villa's harmonious life and family warmth. A fireplace for the background of the scene is not lack of quality, most famous is the United States classic "Little Woman" of the famous Bridge section, Margaret, Joe, Beth and Amy, four daughters in front of the fireplace surrounded the mother scene, has become the classic.

A fireplace is a device that burns indoors and warms the firewood. The fireplace was originally used in western countries with decorative function and practical value. According to the different types of fuels: electric fireplace, true fire fireplace (coal, firewood), gas fireplace (natural gas). A real fire fireplace requires chimneys and furnaces. The hearth can be a brick-stacked and modern most use cast iron fireplace cores for finished products. The real fire fireplace can be installed, regardless of the flue and hole in the original building.

The real fire fireplace is the soul of the villa. In the West, the fireplace is often the core of the house decoration. Ancient Europe, the fireplace stands for identity and status, tall stone fireplace frame condensation exquisite carving skills, showing the noble and the European Union, and the power of gentle wooden fireplace rack gives people elegant, warm romantic. Every Christmas, the children are expecting Santa Claus to bring gifts from the chimney of the fireplace.

True fire fireplace through heat convection, heat radiation, heat conduction to achieve indoor heating, fireplace heating evenly, convection of fresh air automatically adjust and improve the room air quality, heating way naturally comfortable. In addition to the fireplace has a comfortable heating effect, but also has good dehumidification function, prevent calcium deficiency. Especially suitable for winter cold humid climate environment, very conducive to health.The real fire fireplace is complementary to air-conditioning and warming. Because of the high thermal efficiency of wood-burning fireplace, local warming fast, can compensate for the air-conditioning and warm warming up slow, long time preheating, bacteria easy to reproduce, difficult to make such problems, without in the airtight environment can maintain good heating effect, is a very healthy way of heating.

True fire-wood fireplace heating efficiency high, low operating costs, than the use of warm, air-conditioning heating to reduce more than 1/3%, cost-effective.