solid fuel cooker

◎The multi functional oil burning cooker with Oven, hot plate and boiler central heating.
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Cast iron freestanding dual fuel cooker and oven non gas cooker

The Lilyking 600 represents the latest advances in electronic ignition Oil burning technology. With heavy cast iron doors and hotplate covers this beautiful enameled range cooker has 2 large hotplates and 2 stainless steel self cleaning ovens. The L&F 600 provides all your needs for cooking and baking while the boiler provides lashings of hot water full central heating and a warm Kitchen. An Irish designed cooker that minimize emissions and delivers on the LILYKING promise of quality and Value.

Product Information

※ Classic Oil Cooker

※ Full Central Heating -----61,000BTU output (18Kw)

※ Manual and automatic thermostat settings

※ Burns wood, coal, anthracite, turf or peat

※ Black or Color Enamel Finish

※ Stainless steel self cleaning ovens

※ Boiler or Oven models at the flick of a switch

※ Cast Iron Quality

※ Expert Installation advice

※ Height:910㎜  Width:920㎜  Depth:720㎜

oiler Tapping

※ At left side of back (viewed from front)

※ Water Inlet: *210㎜ from ground; *250㎜ from left side

※ Water Outlet:*800㎜ from ground;* 250㎜ from left side

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