Direct Log Burning Stove

Direct Log Burning Stove
◎LF639 is a original British design solid fuel stove.
◎It is really durable in use.
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Product Details

Product Description

Here are many more wood stove for you to choose than there were in your grandparents' day. Whether you prefer pastoral or modern, you can find a product of our company that suits your tastes. With an old-fashioned fireplace, you can only see the flame when you light the fire or add fuel. It has transparent, flame-resistant glass doors that you can sit comfortably on a sofa, drink a glass of red wine and watch as the glass door bounces just behind you!

Product Features

1.Lower heating cost

2.Multi-fuel Choice

3.There is no blackout since we adopt direct log burning

4.Environmental protection heating

5.Practical without losing the sense of design

Basic Specification

Type: wood stove

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: LilyKing

Model Number: LF639

Type: Dry or Boiler type

Open type: left side open

Flue size: 5 inch

Measurement: small

Material: Cast iron

Fuel material: wood coal and peat

Certificate: CE EN13240

Installation: freestanding

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Other Functions

1. It can increase the spice of life, people can use the real fire fireplace roast potatoes, roasted sweet potato and so on.

2. You can achieve the balance of feng shui, gold, wood, water, fire, soil and five elements of perfect state of taste.

3. It can improve the decoration, any decoration style should have a bright spot, the fireplace often can play the role of finishing touches, highlighting the host noble identity and outstanding aesthetic vision.

4. The fireplace is an indispensable element in European style.

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