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◎A Superb 16kw double-door steel stove with Iron doors.
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American Style Fireplaces Log Burning Stove

The Magnolia color enamel wood stove is the classical double-door model in the L&F's enamel collection. It is the most beautiful and functional stove in our stock list It has a rectangle polished hotplate which can be used for heating the tea and coffee.


Type: wood stove

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: LilyKing

Model Number: LF669/667

Type: Dry or Boiler type

Open type: double door open

Flue size: 6 inch

Measurement: Middle

Material: Cast iron

Fuel material: wood coal and peat

Certificate: CE EN13240

Installation: freestanding

Color: black, brown, cream, green, red, grey and blue


1. Clear Glass with Window Air-wash

2. With Top hot plate

3. Removable door handle

4. Double door view

5. Primary air supply and tertiary air supply




Non boiler stove


Min. Efficiency 70%

Wood Capacity 4.2kgs

Max. CO emission 0.3%

Flue Size: 150mm(6″)

Output to room 51,000BTU (15kw)

Net Weight: 174kg

Heating 130sqm

Rear flue outlets   

Specifications(Boiler stove)


Min. Efficiency 78%


Max. CO emission 0.3%

Wood Capacity 4.2kgs

Output to room 20,000BTU (6kw)

Flue Size: 150mm(6″)

Output to water 40,000BTU (12kw)

Net Weight: 185kg

Heating 10 radiators and 150sqm

Rear and Top flue outlets

Packaging & Delivery

1. Special export carton with polyfoam inside, each piece is wrapped by EPE to prevent scratch, then protected by thick foam plate.

2. Carton is thick 5-layer quality.

3. Packed in conventional standards

4. According to client's requirements.

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