Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove

Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove
The LF629 enamel green stove will be a beautiful scenery in your house.
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Compare to other kind of heating tools,Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove has its advantages in many aspects.If you use air conditioner all day, you will find your skin drying easily. But our products bring benifits to health-the thermal radiation produced by the burning wood is good for the body and has the effect of dehumidification. Just choose a more comfortable way to keep you warm!

Product Features

1. Short heating time and good effect

2. Multi-fuel Choice

3. Good for health

4. Warm and romantic, let life have emotional appeal

5. Lower cost

Basic Specification

Type: Fire Pits

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: L&F

Model Number: LF629

Type: Dry or Boiler type

Open type: left side open

Flue size: 5 inch

Measurement: small

Material: Cast iron

Fuel material: wood coal and peat

Certificate: CE EN13240

Installation: freestanding

Color: black, brown, cream, green, red, grey and blue

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Precautions for heating in winter furnaces

1. Carefully inspect it, the chimney is intact before firing, mainly include: stove and chimney, the connection between chimney and chimney is tight, stove, chimney whether there is breakage and so on condition. The installs place away from the power supply, wires and other flammable goods and facilities.

2. The site must be supported to prevent a fire accident from the coal Mars that falls behind, and to be processed after burning coal ash for inspection without Mars.

3. Avoid in the absence of chimneys in the case of indoor coal, firewood and other combustible materials to warm. Every day early, middle and late should be regularly ventilated, to keep the indoor air fresh.

4. The place where firewood and coal is stacked should be kept at a distance from the fire source.

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